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About Us

Our history, team and partners.

We transfer basic research combined with cutting-edge technology into new and highly innovative solutions for intelligent buildings and energy systems.


DiLT is short for Domain-Informed Analytics. At its core, DiLT relies on the concept of Trustworthy AI combined with deep domain knowledge. Our toolbox includes: Physics-informed Machine Learning; Edge computing & AI; Probabilistic Machine Learning.

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Our history

DiLT was founded by the end of 2021 as a spin-off of the Institute of Software Technology at Graz University of Technology (TUG) from the "Intelligent Systems" research group.  As part of several research projects and in cooperation with several research institutes of TUG, the technology-independent IoT data platform "Inframonitor" was developed for one campus area Innovation District Inffeldgasse. It integrates various data streams, enables efficient storage and allows communication between buildings, various systems and people in real time.

Since then, the analysis services and the IoT data platform have been continuously developed and improved. In close cooperation with numerous important stakeholders from research and industry, we are now involved in 10+ highly innovative research projects.

Our team

Our highly motivated team consists of experts from the areas of artificial intelligence, IoT applications, software development and building and energy technology.

Our research partners and supporters:

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