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Our projects

We cooperate nationally and internationally in 10+ research projects in the areas of artificial intelligence, energy, smart buildings, data analysis, IoT and predictive control with universities and industry partners.

Data Cloud

OctoAI (FFG Nr. 893494)

2022 - 2024

The OctoAI project is developing the next generation of high-performance edge AI for smart buildings. We combine the concept of edge AI with user-centered energy services and are testing two edge-ready applications. More information is available here.

Partner: Graz University of Technology – Insitute of Software Technology (coordinator), Graz University of Technology (Institute of Building Physics, Services, and Construction), Innovation Lab Digital Findet Stadt


Autology (FFG Nr. 901761)

2023 - 2025

The semantic description (ontology) of data points is central to the scaling of data-based optimization measures in buildings. The overarching project goal is the automated extraction and generation of metadata to create ontologies from the building automation system using innovative, AI-based approaches.

Partner: Graz University of Technology


VR4UrbanDev (FFG Nr. 893555)

2023 - 2025

The central project result is a virtual reality digital twin environment of the test areas "My Smart City Graz" and "TU Graz - Innovation District Inffeld". In this environment, users can interactively operate and visualize energy-related building simulations and Internet of Things monitoring data of the districts. Furthermore, several research questions on previously unexplored topics, such as the possibilities of coupling virtual reality with simulation models or IoT platforms, will be answered and the research results will be published internationally.

Partners: Graz University of Technology, EQUA Solutions GmbH, Ernst RAINER Büro für resiliente Raum- und Stadtentwicklung

Heizkörpertemperatur Rad

RINGs (FFG Nr. 905702)

2024 - 2027

The overarching aim of the RING research project is to review knowledge on the subject of anergy networks based on existing scientific work and existing projects in Europe and to expand this knowledge in a targeted manner with the help of detailed analyses of a case study implemented in an Austrian army barracks.

Partner:​ Graz University of Technology, Ranggertech GmbH, EQUA Solutions GmbH, RWTH Aachen

Älteres Ehepaar

multiSENSE (FFG Nr. 904614)

2024 - 2026

Climate change is causing significant social and health interactions worldwide. Heatwaves are challenging for vulnerable groups in terms of coping with everyday life. The aim of the project is to conduct a comprehensive study in nursing homes and hospitals on the topics of contactless vital sign monitoring using radar technology and linking presence information from the radar sensor to optimize energy-efficient control of building services for a healthy indoor climate.

Partner: University Graz, Graz University of Technology


GreenHeat (FFG Nr. 899931)

2023 - 2025

The GreenHeat project is developing interpretable AI methods for fault detection and diagnosis as well as for the optimal control of heat pumps. On the one hand, the interdisciplinary GreenHeat project aims to achieve scientific developments that go beyond the international state of the art. At the same time, the industrial partners are striving for global technology leadership for innovative energy services.

Partners: Graz University of Technology, Solarfocus GmbH​


PersonAI (FFG Nr. 901784)

2023 - 2025

The developments in PersonAl are aimed at a radical innovation in the area of user-centered energy services in the building sector through the application of "Personal Comfort Models PCM". For the first time, personal comfort models with innovative energy services are to be integrated into building automation in a proof of concept and, in addition to modeling-specific performance indicators, a focus will also be placed on energy efficiency effects.

Partners: Graz University of Technology, Forschung Burgenland GmbH, Graz University, Green Energy Lab


COOL-KIT (FFG Nr. 894603)

2023 - 2025

The COOL-KIT project develops, demonstrates and structures system solutions for cooling buildings, with a focus on the Gründerzeit. Selected system configurations are implemented in several buildings of the participating universities, predictive control approaches are tested with the help of a digital twin based on an IoT platform and comprehensively evaluated in terms of energy technology, comfort, economy and ecology.

Partners: Graz University of Technology, University Graz, Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft, EAM Systems, Ing. Siegfried Stark, Uponor Vertriebs GmbH, IDM Energiesysteme GmbH

Grüne Energie Turbinen

ECom4Future (ERA-net Nr. 903927)

2023 - 2026

Prosumers and energy communities are part of modern energy systems. By using machine learning to detect and diagnose faults, generation and consumption data will be used to improve the availability and safety of technical systems at prosumer level. The efforts will be demonstrated and validated in the five international ECom4Future test facilities and laboratories, including a large-scale test facility with a grid-connected battery storage capacity of 140 kWh.

Partner: University Graz, FH Joanneum GmbH, Campus 02, Graz University of Technology, dwh GmbH

Data Processing


Since 2021

Always keeping an eye on water and energy in TU Graz buildings: This is to be realized with the INFRAMONITOR project. The project demonstrates how an Internet-of-Things platform enables real-time communication between buildings, various systems and staff, and how higher-level artificial intelligence optimizes and monitors energy and water consumption. The project aims to develop intelligent and sustainable buildings and energy systems. The first demonstrator is the Electronics Based Systems Center on the Inffeldgasse campus, where the water and energy supply is monitored and visualized in real time. The INFRAMONITOR is currently being further developed in several national and European projects.

Partner: Graz University of Technology, Facility Management of Graz University of Technology

Project archive

Successfully finished projects.

Data Cloud

BEYOND (FFG No. 887002)

2021 - 2023

BEYOND's aim is to develop the technological foundation for “Next Generation Energy Services”, which is made possible through the interaction of the following technologies: Virtual Reality for visualization and real-time interaction; Machine learning and physical simulations and IoT platforms for bidirectional real-time communication between buildings and users.

Partner: Graz University of Technology, EAM Systems GmbH

Daten Analyst

DomLearn (FFG No. 892573)


The aim of the exploratory project DomLearn is to evaluate for the first time the potential for domain-informed machine learning in the area of intelligent energy systems together with potential users from industry. Furthermore, concrete implementations are discussed together with international experts. Based on a proof of concept, selected solutions are implemented, tested and evaluated.

Partner: Graz University of Technology

Data Processing

WhichWay (FFG No. 893075)


The aim of WhichWay is the systematic analysis and comparison of IoT platforms for the digitalization of the energy system. To this end, both functional and non-functional requirements for IoT platforms are defined together with international experts from the perspective of various stakeholders.

Partner: Graz University of Technology, Salzburg University of Applied Sciences

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