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we work on the next generation of energy services

Intelligent buildings & sustainable cities

We transfer cutting edge AI technologies from academia into innovative and sustainable solutions.

The aim of BEYOND is to develop the technological foundation for “Next Generation of Energy Services”, transforming buildings into active, intelligent actors in higher-level energy systems.

Cloud Computing has serious drawbacks in terms of reliability, trustworthiness, data protection, etc. High-performance Edge AI computing for smart buildings has the potential to overcome these challenges.

We develop a Virtual Reality Digital Twin environment of the test sites „My Smart City Graz“ and „TU Graz – Innovation District Inffeld“. Users will be able to  interactively operate and visualise energy-technical building simulations and Internet of Things monitoring data.

COOL-KIT (2023-2025)

More information will be available soon.

Energy systems & renewables

The transition to renewable energy sources is one of the most urgent challenges in Europe. We work in interdisciplinary teams to accelerate the transformation.

The goal of WhichWay is the systematic analysis and comparison of IoT platforms for the digitization of energy systems. Functional as well as non-functional requirements are defined together with international experts and stakeholders.

DomLearn aims to evaluate for the first time specific applications for Domain-Informed Machine Learning in the field of smart energy systems together with potential users from industry. 

Industry 4.0

The large amount of operational data from different industrial processes is a hidden treasure. We develop AI methods to optimize energy consumption and resource efficiency in all industries.

GreenHeat (2023-2025)

The activities of the GreenHeat project revolve around optimizing the operation of heat pumps. We will develop AI-based fault detection and diagnosis algorithms (FDD) alongside with AI-based optimized control for energy efficient heat pumps.