Why DiLT Analytics?

Academic research over the last 5+ years has shown that data combined with AI-based services can drastically reduce the energy consumption of buildings. Now we need scalable solutions that translate this theoretical potential into practical applications.

Interoperability and Data Management

DiLT strongly believes in open technologies. We rely on open IoT platforms, which enable seamless integration of different sub-systems. With DiLT you avoid any kind of vendor lock-in.

Our open IoT platform originates from five years of research in eight European and national research projectsThe platform is the core of DiLT’s solution: It combines time series and semantic data, enables bidirectional communication with end users, flexible visualisation and seamless integration with various AI-based services that monitor and optimise the operation of the building.

Artificial Intelligence

DiLT is short for Domain-Informed Analytics: At its core, DiLT relies on the concept of Trustworthy AI combined with deep domain knowledge. DiLT’s toolbox include: Physics-informed Machine Learning; Edge-Computing & AI; probabilistic Machine Learning.

We transfer basic research combined with cutting-edge technology into new and highly innovative solutions for intelligent buildings and systems.